Only marketing of sales: there is not another marketing in Russia!





Shevchenko Dmitry Anatolyevich,

 Ph.D., Professor. Head. Univ. marketing and

promotion of the Russian State University for the Humanities






Only marketing of sales:

there is not another marketing in Russia!


Russian marketing, as well as young men,

between 15 and 19 years old!


In this article I would like to note the ambiguity of the discussions that are conducted in marketers’ discussions. One can even argue about the meaninglessness of some of the discussion topics, including topic of the middle class in marketing.



March 25, 2013 at the regular meeting of the Guild of Marketers (next: GM) was a lively discussion on the topic: “Where’s the middle of the market?”. It was discussed the middle class and its place in the marketing strategies of companies. What can give for marketer the study of the middle class? How has the middle class, the consequences must be considered in the near future with the construction company’s marketing strategy? I had the role to make this report on the middle class. And it was devoted to understanding the values of the middle class through the prism of generations. I started to explain psychographic approach that characterizes the different value judgments of consumers based on their demographic characteristics. It was the analysis of the middle class through the prism of generations, which is presented in detail in my article “The study of consumer behavior of large segments of the market in Russia: a generational approach” in Practical Marketing Magazine. №4, 2013, p.4-14.

I want to tell about some highlights of the discussion, which is still turned on meeting the GM. The first and the short report made by the CEO I. Berezin. Rather, it was like a replica, in previous years, Igor participated in the famous project “Lifestyles of the middle class” for the “Expert” magazine. But in this case, in his speech, he referred to the dynamics of sales of glazed curd bars on the Russian market. FCMG markets in recent years show a decline in sales of some food products in its statistics, household appliances, etc. (eg, chocolate glazed curd bar) in the category of mid-end and, on the contrary, the growth segment of “premium” class, and the lower segment of the market. There is, as sociologists say, deepening social differentiation, and the policy would be corrected as social inequality.

Another speaker I. Kachalov tried to pose the problems that one way or another, there are the entrepreneurs of Russian business due to the relatively low level of road construction, which affects the logistics, etc. costs and problems with downtime and turnover products. Indeed, employers in all countries are members of the middle class, its higher floors. The total number of entry of new roads behind business growth and hinders the development of the entrepreneurial class.

In general, the decline in sales in the middle segment is not satisfactory changes in commissioning of roads allows us to speak about the objective trends of decline of the middle class in Russia. It is the verdict. This theme has got its second, however, a short extension on the social network Facebook GM. (

I would also like to draw attention to some of the storylines of discussions that I have seen in the meetings of GM and Facebook. I did not to be too surprised that the debate would unfold exactly on roads and are not satisfactory quantitative growth. It would seem that what the similarities between  he marketing of the middle class and the problem of road? Marketing topic is finding the best means to adapt their own business requirements of the market, based on the segmentation on the basis of socio-demographic and psychographic criteria, and not the discussion of the state of roads in Russia. Of course, marketing indebted economy actually grew up and is based on its theoretical foundations. For such basic marketing concepts as: market, company, competition, product, price, distribution, price, logistics, etc. – comes from economic theory. When we want to understand the company’s position in the macro environment, we employ tools, the so-called PEST analysis. The problem of roads may become relevant if we will focus on the distribution of sales, logistics approaches and optimization of marketing. However, we note that the economic problems of marketing – it’s storylines adapt the company’s business requirements of the market. Under the market, however, is not understood in the marketing of its own products companies, not cheese and cars, as consumers, their needs, or rather the desire of consumers to meet their needs. So marketing is dealing with potential customers. Potential customers are the main foundation of transactional marketing. About shokolate curd cakes and cars, refrigerators and educational services, etc. Needless to say, when it comes to the need to determine the capacity, market share, sales trends, price elasticity of demand, the competitive position of the company, at the best assortment, marketing and promotion.

But it is not marketing, or rather is not marketing! Marketing is not interested in the goods and services themselves, and consumer expectations, the nature of customer demand in respect of cheese, automobiles, educational services, etc., which are based on the needs and requirements of people. That’s when we start to segment the market and look for creative reasons positioning of their products, engage in branding and rebranding.

Topic of the middle class – it’s not a theme, in fact, of marketing. This theme of sociology, which is even interested in the problem of institutionalization of society and public opinion. The problem of the middle class is classified macrosociology to the category of class division of society. This division is carried out mainly on the basis of income, education, large social groups with the aim of social control society, fixing her social structure. Social scientists generally believe that the middle class can only talk if the family has more than 2 or 3 children. But economists believe that with this level of stratification in Russia (per capita income), there are no grounds to speak about the middle class, the more of such, which they wrote the U.S..At the core of marketing is the concept of demand-side management on the basis of studies of actual and hidden needs of the end user – the individual.

We are constantly slipping back so actually, marketing, on topics close to the subject of those who try to discuss them and offer. Topics lean manufacturing, industrial exploration of the middle class, and the like, it seems that the marketing in general does not have its issues. We can be observed in the discussions and in the speeches of fellow GM’s just amazing. Truly, “how many people, so many opinions.” I note one more circumstance. In the social network of the GM debate are also far removed from marketing and its problems. Topic of the global crisis the United States, Russia, China, the problem of macroeconomic indicators, sterilization of money supply, inflation, and other neuropsychology is far from a marketing position. I remember when a debate on the reduction of universities, their accession, inefficiency, etc. from the point of view of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, many participants could not hold back the joy, pointing to the pseudo-education of marketing at universities, many of which, by the way, is not got! Proud of themselves, point to themselves, stressing with satisfaction about the lack of economic and sociological, the more marketing education. They believe that the Russian education marketing can only get having been engaged in the practice or marketing practices. Basically it is the former and not become experts in their profession technicians, engineers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, doctors, historians, linguists, teachers, etc. It is often creative people and they tend to affect the circumstances, including in the business. And if they still get paid for their “fantasy” money, they think they are geniuses, and genuinely happy that they are in this life in the top ten.

Let us return to the subject of marketing and discussions that are underway at GM. The more varied “palette” of specialists who work in the field of marketing, the more varied and the topics to be submitted by them to the discussion. I do not presume to say that those who came to the marketing, not the ones obtained by the formation of the board, poorly versed in it. It’s not as many good “monitor” the markets get productive data analyst their research. But, it seems that they blur the marketing profile and discussions led away to discuss the problems of marketing analysis to subjects that they are more understandable and in which they feel more competent. Such way I thought before.

Marketing itself is not a strict discipline, it is not a scientific field, does not have a method and an object of research. Not the behavior of consumers, neither the market nor the entire set of marketing mix, even the positioning and segmentation are not the intellectual property of exclusively marketing. Interdisciplinary, cross-curriculum marketing owes its theoretical borrowings from economic, sociological and psychological theories. Economic and social success marketing results is critically dependent on the capacity of the expert, the person receiving higher vocational education, his erudition, culture and encyclopedic. Add to this the knowledge of foreign languages and computer skills and get you – successful, creative, and maybe famous marketer.

Long-term monitoring of occupational marketing professionals involved in, consulting and research educational process, lead to the conclusion that the Russian marketing is at the stage of growth, but not maturity.

Marketing is the mirror of the status of the Russian market and market relations. There is some markets in Russia and the system of market relations in Russia. We prints of our time and the quality of life. We will constantly slip off the same theme of effective marketing on the role of government, tax, financial situation and the lack of developed stock markets is not the development of property relations and democracy, and others far from the marketing theme. We dealing with the same maturity, not marketing, as well as with no maturity of market relations in Russia. Discussion of marketing topics is constantly dumped on the state of the macrostructure and market infrastructure, roads, or to specific markets cheese, automobiles, educational services. Because the actual and the determining factors of marketing are still problems of political and economic relations, the formation and development of markets and competition. Marketing to consumers has not yet reached. Conceptually, our Russian marketing remains at the level marketing sales promotion, the concept of intensification of commercial efforts. And if we are discussing the topic of Marketing 3.0, it is only because no one forbids us to discuss these topics. But when it comes to a “boiling water” in the discussions we have again and again will roll down to the problems of the lack of roads and transport, the quality of higher education, the terms of the development of markets, promotion of products and services are not a lot of competition. And want to apologize to consumers, I am sorry, but, so far, our marketing is not up to you! The concept of marketing in the Russian consumer has not taken place, nor persuade!

Research Center of the portal «Superjob» monitors Russian labor market. Leaders in 2012 by number of requests for the labor market, according to a study of the portal are sales managers. These professionals are looking for the company. Requests to stimulate sales in the markets FCMG by Russian companies only increases. Their share in the database of vacancies from employers for the period from 2011 – present and remains the highest of 23.2% in relation to all 29 teams of professional positions that captures agency «Superjob». Multiply behind the sales managers all other inquiries Russian employers. Second and third place for their share in the total base of jobs held: industry and manufacturing (8.6%), design, real estate, transportation and logistics (6.6-6.7%), raw materials (6,6%); IT , Internet, communications, telecommunications (4.8%).

By the way, that marketing, advertising, PR, and professions that serving business sales also are popular and highly paid Russian sellers – the employers. The most highly paid of all professions in Russia are the managers of marketing and advertising, information technology, construction and banking experts according to the agency «Superjob». Their salaries are in the middle range varies from 100 to 130 thousand rubles per month. Payroll offers employers for new employees and in the future will increase their annual growth will exceed 8-9% of the overall market. This applies to highly qualified personnel. In this case, employers will continue to rely on younger staff, the number of vacancies for graduates and professionals without experience. According to the forecast «Superjob» agency in 2013 will grow by 40-50%, the number of companies willing to take on graduate internships will also increase. It is more logical, as the activities in the field of sales does not require high qualifications, as they say here: «not so much a head, the legs and language help us».

Top 3 most sought after positions at the end of 2012 is the same as at the beginning: the sales (10.6% of all requests), skilled workers (10.4%) and sellers (9.9%). Skilled workers moved from the first line rating at the beginning of the year for the second at the end.

Total increase in the number of vacancies in the database «» recruitment portal in March 2013 was 2.2%. Most in March increased the demand for workers (16.5% of the vacancies of the previous month) and specialists resource industry (15.3% of vacancies), and preserved the February trend growth in demand for lawyers (10.1% of the vacancies for month). Still, the overall market is still developing Russian market, where the management and marketing in the field of sales and marketing is the main characteristic.

I think we will for a long time still linger in this concept of marketing sales, another reason is that in front of us face the economic consequences of Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). In their content, quality experts, research, higher education russian marketing is at a level of growth that is transition state from birth to maturity. Age of Russian marketing – this is the age of the young men, still a young man, who still only 15 -19 years!

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